Piccino Italian Greyhounds




Sandy is a licenced judge for:
Group 1 (Toys)
Group 2 (Terriers)
Group 3 (Gundogs)
Group 4 (Hounds)
Group 7 (Non Sporting)


Our first encounter with an Italian Greyhound was near the Louvre Museum in Paris. We had been sightseeing and stopped to look at some shops. From one of the doorways a diminutive hound appeared, looked up and down the street and having satisfied itself that all was well returned to the warmth of the shop where it proceeded to curl itself up on a small tasselled cushion. We were at once enchanted with the grace and demeanour of the animal and at that moment promised ourselves that we would one day own a hound of similar traits.

Not knowing what the breed was, we inquired of the owner and was told it was a "Petit Levrier Italien".

Having forgotten most of our school French, a translation was soon found and we knew that our preferred breed was to be the "Italian Greyhound". We searched bookshops for information on the breed but found that there was little available. At last a copy of "The Italian Greyhound" by Annette Oliver was located which gave us an in depth knowledge of the breed.

It wasn't long before our first Italian Greyhound "Mia" joined us followed by many more!

Since then we have enjoyed the antics and companionship of this enchanting breed.

We are now committed to this superb breed and continue our interest in showing and breeding Italian Greyhounds.

The Italian Greyhound is an exceptional breed with a charming, affectionate, and amusing personality. These hounds have the ability to completely captivate their owners, they certainly have with us!

Sandy is no newcomer to the world of pedigree dog breeding, having shown Dalmatians in her hometown of Adelaide since 1982. Her involvement with Dalmatians included membership of the Dalmatian Club of South Australia and a dedicated Committee member of the club for 10 years. Sandy was also Secretary of the Club for many years and Editor of "The Spot Press" a magazine devoted to the Dalmatian breed.

Sandy is a licenced judge for Group 1 (Toys) and Group 7 (Non-Sporting).

She is now enjoying her judging appointments and judging at The Kennel Club of Palm Springs, USA in January 2007 has been certainly one of the highlights.