Piccino Italian Greyhounds




Sandy is a licenced judge for:
Group 1 (Toys)
Group 2 (Terriers)
Group 3 (Gundogs)
Group 4 (Hounds)
Group 7 (Non Sporting)



Lovely little boy, show or pet home, available now (Sept 2013)

Piccino will have beautiful puppies available to
both pet and show homes shortly.

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Piccino breed selectively to produce top winning show dogs and healthy loving puppies with outgoing temperaments.

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Testimonial for Piccino Human Nature (Raffa)

He is nearly 10 month now and I assume nearly fully grown. He is absolutely the most beautifully natured boy.I take him everywhere with me (except work.. I wish) I walk him down the beach every day and on the weekends he comes on adventures to the market and the doggy parks and to meet friends. Everyone stops me to say hello to him... and if they don't stop they always smile and point with amazement at how cute he is. He prances around looking so happy and proud, his energy is just so warm and friendly. Sometimes I have 2 or 3 groups of people at a time stopping to say hello. He has the best personality I could ever wish for. He's every confident, outgoing, and friendly. He rushes up to meet everyone that passes and wags his tail and gives them licks and kisses when they say hello. He loves other dogs. Most people who know Italian greyhounds say he's very confident for this type of breed. We go for runs every day or every second day, and he's so so fast, he keeps me fit. He loves running with me.

The one thing I struggle with a little is that sometimes he can be too much for other dogs. I socialized him from the day I got him so he's not afraid to play with any dog. But I also just think he still has a lot of puppy energy. I decided to leave him with a lady who's a dog walker two days a weeks. She takes three different groups of dogs per day down to the park so he gets to play till his hearts content all day with all different dogs. This has made a huge difference. Now he's much more calm around other dogs.

I am absolutely the proudest mum. He's the love of my life. He so well behaved. He's fully toilet trained, and very obedient. Off the lead hestays right by my side at all times. I am Piccino's biggest advocate. I always urge everyone who's thinking of getting an Italian greyhound to go with a reputable breeder and always pass on your name. I think the most important thing about a dog is their personality and I know that's one of the things you breed for, amongst other things (even they way he prances.. I've met other iggys who don't do that.. I'm sure that's part of his breeding.