Piccino Italian Greyhounds




Sandy is a licenced judge for:
Group 1 (Toys)
Group 2 (Terriers)
Group 3 (Gundogs)
Group 4 (Hounds)
Group 7 (Non Sporting)


Vespa" - Piccino True Romance - who lives with Kerri and Norm Boesl and spends most of his time in their Ugg Boot shop - "Blue Sheep" in South Australia

This is Dante - Piccino Supernatural - and he lives with Vespa. He also spends most of his time at the ugg boot shop!

Piccino American Express in Agility.
Owner Fran Forbes, Queensland.

Helen Salt with Piccino Fiddler On The Roof (Luca)

Miley (in the fairy outfit) and Sailor, living with Beth and Jon
St George in Victoria.

We purchased a beautiful Italian Greyhound from you two years ago. It is her second birthday today, and is an absolute delight and I thought I would send you a couple of photos. She rules the house and has a great personality. She travels everywhere with us, even to Adelaide and Perth, following the family around to sporting events. She has more frequent flyer points than most humans. We feel very lucky to have such an intelligent, happy, healthy little personality to share our lives. (BETH BELL)